Private 5G Vision AI for Worker Health and Safety

kiadó: Cognizant

Location-based workforce safety for industrial enterprises using vision-based AI over Private 5G

Cognizant brings visual sensing for real world spaces. Smart sensing technologies can help make the world a safer and better place to live and work. Our smart visual sensing solution for real-world complex environment like Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Pharma, Mines, Sea Vessels, Utilities, is powered by AI powered Computer Vision and Machine Learning models. We help business operators across the globe who want to better manage risks, safety, and wellbeing of the people.

Enterprises with heavy industrialized manufacturing facilities seeks to automate and accelerate their industrial operations but need to ensure their workforce safety as automation creates new hazardous environments that impact worker’s safety. Proactively locating and tracking their workforce for their safety & protection and well-being is paramount to the operations managers who are seeking real-time information on where their workforce resides in the facility and are being at risk of injuries due to various hazards associated with daily interactions with heavy machine, cranes, co-bots, and potentially autonomous mobile robotics. It is also paramount for operations manager to proactively validate if workers are adhering to all safety standards laid by the organization like PPE kits, pandemic related social distancing measures, restrictive movements, worker stress and overall well-being. Despite various safety procedures & trainings provided to the workforce, working in congested & complex industrial environment with production equipment presents enormous safety challenges despite best laid out safety procedures.

These operations managers are seeking means to always know the location of their workforce especially in dense & congested environment and to identify when a worker may enter a hazardous work-zone whereby proactive actions can be immediately deployed to protect this worker thereby preventing any costly incidents as well as any high-risks behaviors.


Deploy an advance “Digital Twin for Physical Spaces” solution powered by “Vision AI” on Microsoft Private MEC with Azure Private 5G Core service within the facility to deliver precise location of the objects, workers and machines. The cellular 5G networks delivers ultra-high speeds, low latency, robust connectivity, massive device connectivity and high security to connect UHD/HD cameras with vision AI sensors for comprehensive environment mapping, object/worker/machine tagging, and analysis as captured below.

Business outcomes delivered by the solution:

  • Real time worker & objects locations throughout facility to monitor potential interaction with hazardous areas (cranes, welders, chemical, mobility robots, etc.)
  • Proactively manage high-risk behaviors & well-being in safety critical spaces minimizing costly incidents
  • Reduce cost by improving users’ wellness & safety and engagements
  • AI/ML powered solution adherence & compliance to global privacy & ethics regulations (GDPR) – No video recorded, transmitted, personal data stored and individual tracking. Completely Anonymized telemetry supported.

  • Web based dashboards with real-time visualization, alerting & triggering automated actions