Oculys stayTrack

kiadó: Oculys Health Informatics

Designed for hospitals who want to reduce length of stay and replace manual in-unit whiteboards.

Designed to leverage the existing Performance solution, stayTrack replaces the manual white board commonly used within nursing units and delivers unprecedented visibility and real-time access. stayTrack’s number #1 objective is to manage length of stay for each individual patient. It provides clear visibility of the patient’s discharge plan and puts accountability in the hands of the care providers. The inter-disciplinary care teams communicate and collaborate around the care needs of each patient in real-time. The tool puts discharge planning into the hands of providers, whenever and wherever they may be, and displays who is accountable for the length of stay and timely discharge of the patient. Through visibility and simple, effective workflow, stayTrack eliminates guesswork and the need to reference information from disparate sources, allowing hospital providers, teams and administrators to truly focus on putting the patient first