Ondato Video Identity Verification

kiadó: Ondato, UAB

Real-time video customer verification during online face-to-face interviews

The Video Identity Verification tool allows businesses to remotely verify customers’ identities in real-time and onboard them while meeting all personal data protection laws. It is particularly useful for organizations that want to meet their customer face-to-face online, seek to establish an extra level of security, or require using video format to comply with relevant AML regulation and GDPR. By conducting a video call, human experts can guide their customers through the verification process remotely and make sure that all the relevant steps are completed accordingly. Our solution works perfectly for the onboarding of both physical and legal entities while creating an equally fast and pleasant verification experience for the customer. More importantly, Video Identity Verification protects businesses fully against synthetic identity fraud and advanced deepfake technologies. An agent-assisted video chat process is a seamless, convenient and incredibly secure method of verifying your customers' identity online adapted to any business procedures.