ioTORQ Lean Manufacturing OEE

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Real Time Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and Lean Manufacturing Platform

ioTORQ Lean Manufacturing OEE software enables cost-effective, automatic monitoring of production assets to identify, quantify and prioritize continuous improvement opportunities and determine critical manufacturing metrics in real time, including Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).  

ioTORQ enables organizations to unlock the maximum potential of their assets, drive cost savings and increase productivity.  Built on Azure, ioTORQ Lean Manufacturing OEE software features include:

  • Realtime Asset Monitoring - Track asset downtime, quality and productivity to determine real time Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • Automated Alerts - Set thresholds and receive real time notifications to identify and track downtime, productivity, quality and maintenance issues
  • Powerful Reporting - Generate asset, facility or group performance dashboards and inform continuous improvement with Pareto charts
  • Flexible Data Integration - Each of our preferred IoT gateways can connect up to eight devices, either directly or via PLCs, with digital or Modbus communications
  • Multisite Overview - Create dashboards with live data from multiple facilities and perform benchmarking of assets across the entire organization
  • Machine Learning - Our advanced analytics module utilizes machine learning algorithms to enable asset optimization and maximize cost savings


Additional ioTORQ modules include:


ioTORQ EMIS - Energy Management Information System

  • Easily Acquire Data → Visualize → Manage → Save
  • Unlock operational savings and avoid losses
  • Identify capital equipment projects and validate savings
  • Deploy with ISO 50001 Energy Management System


ioTORQ UBM - Utility Bill Management

  • Identify errors and rate optimization opportunities
  • Automate data aggregation for corporate reporting and benchmarking