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Delivering Business Outcomes with IIoT


IIoT for Business Outcomes workshop

Every great journey starts with choosing a great companion. It’s the same with your IIoT journey. Success hinges on building the most effective strategy possible and making the right choices as you move through all the phases of your IoT journey. Because the possibilities for delivering business outcomes are broad and expansive, navigating your way with a trusted partner is an essential component of the journey. Perfect partnerships develop through understanding, trust and solid first steps. With relayr you’ll find that perfect partner. Real value beyond Industrial IoT projects compose integration between technology and business. In most scenarios, IoT data is made available to different departments within a company for a variety of decision needs. Information on product usage and quality can be used by engineering, manufacturing, field services, maintenance, and others. That leads to simple conclusion - any single IoT project is worthed as much as desired business outcomes from implementation. Business outcomes can be various. Simpler “connected device” use case leads to cost reduction and effectiveness optimization, when more sophisticated “as-a-service” use case leads to new revenue streams. We’re sure that your organization should look at business outcomes before looking at technology.