SMX 365 Dual layer email security for Office 365


Integrated email security for enterprise & government organisations in Australasia

The email threat landscape is constantly changing and so too must your approach to Email Security. With an increased volume of threats targeting Australasian Office 365 users, effective regional threat detection is a must.

SMX 365 delivers targeted, regional threat detection for Enterprise and Government organisations in Australasia. It is architected specifically to deliver dual-layer security with Microsoft Exchange Online/Advanced Threat Protection (EOP/ATP). SMX 365 integrates multiple anti-abuse solutions to improve accuracy, reduce risk, and make protecting your users easy.

Key benefits

  • Genuine dual-layer security with Office 365 EOP/ATP
  • Global & Regional threat detection - protecting your users against Phishing, Business Email Compromise (BEC), Malware and Spam
  • Machine learning and deep learning algorithms to detect behaviours and anomalies common to phishing, spear phishing, malware, and ransomware attacks with regional profiles
  • Improved Deliverability - Ensuring your business critical, transactional or commercial email reaches mailboxes
  • Easy to use cloud-based management portal for administration, reporting and analytics
  • SMX SmartRules for dynamic email workflow, management and data loss protection
  • Maintains full Office 365 EOP/ATP and productivity
  • Simple per user/month subscription
  • NZ based email and phone support

About SMX

  • The largest provider of email security for companies, government departments and organisations in New Zealand
  • 1000+ customers with more than 1 million mailboxes being managed and protected across Australasia
  • Based in New Zealand with offices in Auckland, and Sydney, Australia