Talview Video Interviewing

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Speed your time to hire with AI powered remote screening, online assessment, and video interviewing

Reduce time and resource spent on interviewing by up to 70% with Talview

  • Effortless Recruiter Experience
  • It takes less than five minutes to create an asynchronous or video interview and invite candidates. Once you sent an invite you can keep track and follow up with candidates using scheduled reminders and share completed interviews with Panel for review, all with the click of a button.

  • Best Performance in Low-Speed Internet
  • If you are hiring candidates in geographies where internet speed is a constraint, then Talview should be your choice of platform. Talview Video Interview has been used for processing more than a million candidates in such conditions.

  • Showcase Your Employer Brand
  • Talview offers 100% branded candidate interface on both the web and on mobile. Enrich the experience for candidates with the help of videos, banners, and color themes so that everyone becomes your brand ambassador.

  • Integrations and Compliance
  • Talview video interviewing software has pre-integrations with all the leading recruitment management systems helping you have a seamless experience and data integrity. It is also compliant with global privacy, process, and legal requirement.