TSG (Terranova Smart Grid)


TSG is the Utility Digital Enablement Platform for network management (Gas, water, power)

TSG (Terranova Smart Grid)  is an innovative and highly configurable software platform. Built by utility experts our solution is specially designed for the gas, water and electricity sectors, TSG encourages a joined up and interactive approach to managing integrated smart distribution networks.

TSG is a highly versatile Digital Enablement Platform that enables more efficient and automated network management. It is a multivendor and multiservice solution, allowing our customers to manage devices belonging to more than one company or service type. TSG also adds value by being comms technology agnostic, removing barriers to proactive data monitoring, remote reading, and control of a variety of device types. 

Our solution streamlines all the management network processes. TSG offers, real-time monitoring, data collection, management of field-based devices, diagnostic and alarms, remote regulation, grid profiling, and much more. This is achieved by utilising the latest developments in artificial intelligence, cloud technology, integrability features, and security practice to make existing processes automatic and autonomous.

Use TSG with smart regulators, data loggers, gas odorisers, sensors, cathodic protection devices, street lighting, and more. Benefit from a smarter distribution grid and use TSG to help your organisation make better decisions, achieve operational excellence and advance your digitalisation journey.