Verinote by VeriSaaS

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Official Digital Diaries, Notebooks, Field Intelligence and Evidence Collection for Government

Government and regulated industry have used handwritten notes to document actions, observations, decisions, and interactions for centuries. These often come in the form of official notebooks, diaries, and daybooks. A simple example is police officers making notes during arrests. These records are imperative in accountability, record-keeping, and defense against litigation or scrutiny. Risk and inefficiencies in the use of official notebooks and diaries have been highlighted in recent political and legal movements, including the Victorian Royal Commission into the Management of Police Informants. These risks and inefficiencies included the threat of loss, theft, disclosure or destruction of valuable and often highly sensitive government, intelligence and security information; Breaches of privacy, information security and human rights provisions; Financial burdens on organisations purchasing and retaining hand-written notebooks and diaries, as mandated by archiving regulations; and a lack of mobility, enterprise discovery and information value, with hand-written records unable to be searched or located, when required.

Verinote is an enterprise mobile digital intelligence, evidence, and note-taking platform. Its main purpose is to replace handwritten official notebooks, diaries, journals and decision logs often used in government, law enforcement, regulatory and legal services. Verinote offers the same user features as consumer digital note-taking solutions, including the ability to ‘talk-to-text’, record conversations (encrypted), take photographs and upload/store documents. However, unlike consumer solutions, Verinote complies with the security, privacy, evidentiary and accountability requirements of courts, government, and enterprise. Verinote eliminates the need for an agency to purchase, store, retrieve and redact their handwritten documents and investigative material. Verinote also removes the risk of theft, loss, or destruction of often sensitive and valuable information.

Unlike handwritten records, members and agencies can search their notes through keyword or extensive filtering, before exporting (redacted and unredacted) documents, notebooks, and witness statements for Right to Information, royal commission or court disclosure. These search and filtering functions allow an agency real-time access to intelligence and includes ‘live monitoring’ during major incidents, investigations, and disasters. The Verinote Open API integration allows the structured content, intelligence, information, and evidence collected in the field to be consumed by legacy or other operational record or case management systems and allow immediate frontline mobility.