Zoho Expense

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Zoho Expense is an online solution that automates travel and expense management for your business.

With the Zoho Expense-Office 365 integration, import all your employees and customers from Office 365 to Zoho Expense easily. This way your employees can create expenses as and when they occur and bill your customers in Zoho Expense.

Here's an overview of what Zoho Expense offers:

Store receipts digitally
With Zoho Expense, you can digitally store your receipts ensuring they stay organized, secure, and easily accessible during audits and other times.

Automate expense creation
Use the Zoho Expense mobile application for iOS or Android to take pictures of your receipts. The auto-scan feature will automatically extract all necessary details like amount, date, and name of the merchant, and populates fields in the expense creation form.
You can also auto-forward the receipts in your email inbox or upload them from your computer or cloud storage for auto-scan.
If you have an Uber or Lyft account for your business, you can connect it with Zoho Expense and expenses will be automatically created after every official ride.
Add corporate cards to Zoho Expense and auto-import card transactions.
Create expense in any currency and Zoho Expense will automatically convert the amount based on the current exchange rate.

Manage corporate travel
Your employees can create comprehensive trip requests with the entire travel itinerary and budget that'll help you plan and manage business travel expenses better. Your travel team can also provide booking options for employee business trips.
Enable trips approval to review and understand employee's business purpose and spend even before a trip starts.

Enable per diem
Help employees create per diem expenses by configuring unique per diem rates for every expense type such as food, entertainment, and transportation. Enable it at the employee level or based on the city/country they travel to (or a combination of both).

Track mileage
Stay on top of fuel reimbursements using Zoho Expense's mileage tracking feature. Mileage can be tracked using distance covered, GPS tracking, map locations, and odometer readings.

Expense reporting
Zoho Expense automates expense reporting by automatically grouping relevant, unreported expense claims into a report. The report is then automatically submitted for approval.
Associate the customers you've imported from Office 365 with your expense reports so your employees can bill them for the expenses incurred on their behalf.

Streamline approvals
Zoho Expense allows you to set up multi-level approval flows for everyday scenarios and custom approval flows for exceptions.

Accelerate reimbursement
Reimbursement via ACH for the US edition and via ICICI Business Banking and HSBC for the India edition ensures employees do not have to wait till payday, to be reimbursed.
In case of rejection, comments within the report will help employees rectify mistakes and resubmit expenses quickly.

Corporate card management
Zoho Expense has a direct integration with Amex, MasterCard, and Visa so your corporate card feeds are fetched quickly and securely.
Assign cards to individual employees to track and control spend.

Simplify expense accounting
Zoho Expense directly integrates with popular accounting software such as Zoho Books, Xero, QuickBooks Online, and QuickBooks Desktop.
Approved expenses are automatically moved into the accounting software, making it easy for your finance team to account the expenses in time.

Empower employees
Create custom roles and permissions for employees. They can now carry out their respective functions without any compromise to compliance or security.
Delegate other employees to perform your tasks in your absence for better business continuity.

Gain actionable data
With more than 25 reports, use analytics to uncover actionable insights into your company's spend.
Detailed audit trails are handy during tax or other financial audits, investigations, and risk management.