Zoho Analytics

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Visualize your business data, get valuable insights, and take informed decisions.

Zoho Analyitcs is a self-service business intelligence, reporting and analytics service which enables users to visually analyze large amounts of data. It's easy drag and drop designer allows users to create visually cool, dynamic and interactive reports and dashboards. It helps users to keep track of key business metrics, and to get actionable insights from their data.

Zoho Analytics offers vibrant visualization options. Users can choose from a wide variety of charts, pivot tables, summary and tabular views to visualize their data. Users can create themed dashboards with flexible layouts that contain KPI widgets with trend indicators.

Microsoft integrations
Zoho Analytics integrates well with Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Spreadsheet files in OneDrive can be synced with Zoho Analytics and analyzed. Zoho Analytics has an advanced analytics connector for Dynamics CRM, which can provide valuable insights.

Ask Zia
Zoho Analytics incorporates the intelligent assistant Zia, to whom you can ask questions in natural form - like 'what is the revenue for last year, by products by region and by month?' - and Zia comes up with the relevant report as answer. Zia is built over machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) technologies.

Zoho Analytics supports auto-blending of data, using which data from multiple business apps or other sources can be combined to produce valuable reports and dashboards. This allows a CXO to get end-to-end insights across multiple departments like marketing, sales, support, finance and others, all at one place, without having to switch applications.

Zoho Analytics comes with 100+ easily configurable connectors for popular business apps - including Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft OneDrive - and databases. All business app connectors come with dozens of prebuilt reports and dashboards. Users can modify any of these reports, and also add more reports as they wish.

Zoho Analytics offers deep collaboration capabilities. You can share the reports and dashboards you create with fine-grained access control to your colleagues. Reports and dashboards can be published online, intranets or within apps, and can be printed and emailed too. Users can leave contextual comments and hold meaningful conversations over a report.

Zoho Analytics follows a pay-as-you-go pricing model. Monthly pricing plans start from $25 per month for 2 users and 500,000 rows.