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Municipality & Citizen’s​ collaboration tool -​ for health information​ & treatment plans

HealthB platform & app is only available in Norway. For now. We welcome customers and investors to help us scale beyond.


We are in a global health care crisis, with ageing population and increase in chronic diseases. ​Municipal primary health handles 90% of the volume but lack personnel and resources to cope. ​There are significant municipal savings in enabling the citizen to be proactive in its health. ​As a citizen, you will need to own the storyline to your health – but you do not have the tools! ​HealthB is how to do it.


HealthB is the Municipality & Citizens's collaboration tool - for health information & treatment plans. Citizen collects their health information. Citizen shares to the municipal health care professional. Health care professional sends advice / treatment plan in return. The Municipality subscribes for their healthcare professionals, get access to relevant tools and Citizens can download mobile app for free.

Value - Municipal health care director explains:

  • Subscribing to HealthB for our health care professionals saves 10 minutes per consultation, reducing our health care costs.​
  • We can do safer remote follow-ups based on a common digital view, increasing our capacity to see more patients, hence our revenue.​
  • Health info stays with the Citizen, no longer locked in our system silos..
  • Employees work smarter, securing our reputation and reducing risk.​
  • The Citizen can now be proactive, self-care, and own the storyline to their own health!
  • HealthB is also a personal health platform - a dashboard for your health.
  • High social impact