Enterprise Subscription Management - LISA


Modernise, automate and optimise your licensing and subscription business processes.

Get ready to automate your licenses and subscription processes 

As companies move toward sustainable subscription-based business models, the associated administrative tasks are negatively impacting the adoption. Unrealised revenue and manual intervention can cripple the model’s success. Supported by robust capabilities, LISA delivers a convenient and functionally rich solution for streamlined subscription life cycle management. 

The LISA capabilities are embedded in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance

LISA is purpose-built in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and operates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management and Commerce. The power of this modern business ERP application empowers LISA to streamline your business model in subscriptions. 

Features and benefits

LISA was born out of a large international collaboration between a global SaaS and services providers and Bluefort ( several years ago. 

Over the last years LISA has evolved in a best-in-class application for subscription management.

  • Get your daily overview using the Subscription Management workspace and see all relevant and actual details from an analytical point of view. Drill into the embedded PowerBI report to understand churn and revenue compositions and much more!
  • Configure process automation with the Power Platform and remove manual activities. LISA has over 20 touch points that can be configured to drive automated flows in Microsoft Power Automate, reducing efforts consumed on follow ups and validation subscriptions.
  • Connect your licence and subscription back end financial processes to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce or other eCommerce solutions and capture subscriptions and licenses directly from your customers and process the data automatically in your financials!
  • Are you selling CSP licenses? We understand the complete model and LISA supports everything you need to streamline your operations.
  • Do you struggle to manage the flow from freemium subscriptions to enrol into next subscriptions renewals? LISA can manage chains of subscriptions and guide customers and employees to the next subscription level when ready!
  • LISA is powered by strong trade agreement and pricing capabilities in Dynamics 365 and supports many commercial strategies!


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