Purchase Order Security for Dynamics 365 Finance

oleh EduFin IT, Inc. d/b/a Brightpoint Infotech

Effortless purchase order tracking and management for Dynamics 365 Finance

Would you like to enhance the security of the Purchasing module in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance ERP?

The standard Purchase Order function in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance lacks the capability to filter pages by the user who raised the purchase order. Additionally, in certain scenarios, the purchasing department may prefer restricting users to only view and edit the purchase orders they have initiated. In organizations with high transaction volumes, the purchase orders list can extend to hundreds or even thousands of entries. This poses a challenge for approvers who need to sift through numerous entries to find those requiring their approval.

Approvers seek a streamlined process to view the purchase orders assigned to them for action.

Recognizing this gap, Brightpoint Infotech has developed a solution that selectively displays purchase orders to users based on the ones they have initiated. Simultaneously, it allows approvers to view purchase orders raised by their respective departments.


  1. Effortless Tracking and Management: Easily track and manage purchase orders based on the initiating user, providing a more organized and user-friendly experience.

  2. User Restriction: Restrict users to view and edit only the purchase orders they have created, enhancing data privacy and security.

  3. Confidentiality Management: Enable management to maintain the confidentiality of purchases as needed, ensuring sensitive information is accessible only to authorized personnel.

Brightpoint Infotech's solution addresses these challenges, offering a more secure and efficient way to manage and process purchase orders within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance ERP system.