COSMO Print and Packaging


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Industry solution for packaging and reel production for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, with Print & Packaging, COSMO CONSULT has developed an industry solution for the packaging industry and reel production. Companies in the manufacturing and distribution environement benefit from our solution as it is tailored to their individual requirements and demands. This allows minimizing costs and risks, optimized resource management and thus a high degree of target achievement in optimizing output and planning.

Calculate quickly expected costs of a new product before defining all product details

  • Quotation calculation wizard
  • Select basic product information, technologies and addition costs
  • Transfer data to quotation and item management

Combine order-related data in Prepress required during the entire customer order process

  • Manage activities and deadlines
  • Assign activities to persons or departments
  • Managed release of products and orders

Manage your product at a glance in a transparent overview

  • Easy to use product cockpit
  • Create your new configuration / product
  • Assemble bill of material with all relevant data, including tools and packing structures and materials
  • Define work plan considering different pre-defined technologies
  • Create costing sheets or production orders

Improve your planning efficiency and equalize capacity load

  • Use variable planning phases with different planning horizons
  • Schedule jobs by moving them in a specified order
  • Use indicators for lead time control, planning conflicts and check material availability
  • Combine similar orders by using clips
  • Use List planning or graphical planning board

Create combination of production orders to optimize production process in a flexible manner

  • Generate automatically combined production and follow-up orders
  • Combine two or more products in one order
  • Combination configurator with editing function

Support production with extended Print & Packaging Shop floor control

  • Define and register packaging of items on various levels incl. labeling
  • Mount material for specific consumption in production, resulting in high-level traceability
  • Work in Progress Management
  • Forward semifinished products to external supplier – External Work Cokpit