Benefits administration

oleh Elevate HR Inc.

Manage employee benefits through our comprehensive, rules-driven proprietary benefits module.

Elevate HR® Benefits Administration offers a direct access, automated Benefit enrollment experience that’s as simple and intuitive as online shopping. Employees can select their benefits online during open enrollment, or after a qualifying “life event” such as marriage, birth of a child, or change of address.  All employee benefit information – including provider details and coverage option comparisons – is available through the familiar self-service dashboard.


  • Automated Open Enrollment, real-time Life Events processing, Dependent and Beneficiary processing (either through employee self-service or managed by HR administrators)
  • Automated plan enrollment, expiration, and extension features support recall cycles and service bridging
  • Configurable Benefit plan management includes processing rules, coverage options, eligibility rules, enrollment and deduction waiting periods, and tracking of benefit providers and plan administrators.
  • Flex credit programs can be defined to allow employees to choose how to allocate benefit credits that employers make available to them.
  • Comprehensive eligibility rule set-up driven by factors such organization, employee type, location, state, zip code, job function, etc.
  • Benefit Programs can be defined to simplify eligibility configuration, and plans can be bundled into single-selection groups.
  • Our benefit rate calculation engine covers employee, employer, administrator, smoker/non-smoker, age-based, salary-based, employee-type-based rate tiers, flat or percentage rates, and dependent or other option coverage.
  • Payroll Deduction Processing and Mapping
  • Configurable benefit connectors for passing enrollment and rate information to your third-party benefit providers