Fastpath Assure for D365

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Security, Audit, and Compliance Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics

A comprehensive audit solution to automate risk management and SOX compliance for Dynamics 365

Segregation of Duties (SOD) / Security Access Reviews - This module enables organizations to identify security conflicts within Dynamics 365, better understand their overall security and provide the necessary documentation to both internal and external audit teams. You can:

  • Quickly analyze security conflicts within and across roles
  • Easily mitigate conflicts
  • Simply identify who has access to the critical functions within Dynamics
  • Use the easy, out of the box reporting, or create your own custom reports
  • Schedule reports for delivery in many formats (Excel, PDF, etc.)

Security Designer for Dynamics 365 - The Security Designer in Fastpath Cloud is built to take a proactive approach to set up security. At its core, the security designer is built upon security models or simulations. These security models allow you to simulate security changes without affecting D365/AX security until you are ready. You can have as many security models as you would like. The security designer allows you to:

  • Make changes to your security quickly and easily, with easier setup than through the user interface in D365/AX
  • Push security from Fastpath Assure into Dynamics 365
  • Run a risk analysis against your changes to see possible segregation of duties implications of those changes
  • Create workflow approval functionality that can be turned on/off

Audit Trail - This module delivers a detailed analysis allowing you to analyze changes to your transaction and master data including the source of change, user initiating the change and before/after values.

Identity Manager - This module allows business process owners to request, approve and manage Microsoft Dynamics security without the intervention of IT. Features include:

  • Workflow based provisioning of Dynamics users with segregation of duties conflict analysis
  • Ability to edit/terminate existing Dynamics users
  • Set effective dates for access to Dynamics