iSite is an AI and ML driven, cookieless, multi-touch attribution & engagement (CX) technology.

iSite is a fully GDPR compliant, cookieless, AI & ML driven activation & engagement technology that works by assigning a unique Global ID to each visitor across all devices in real-time. 

iSite is aware of visitor ID, personality, interests, intentions to say the minimum. What this means is that you will get real-time insight alerts (or API or bulk data uploads into your CRM/SCV) so that you can take instant action. 

 iSite can also be used for: 
• Multi-touch attribution 
• Identity resolution 
• Cookieless ad serve enablement (for ad servers & DSPs) 

 Furthermore, iSite works on all internet connected devices that run Android and iOS (including vending machines & smart TVs). 

 [Modular Design] 
iSite is totally modular. Modules are chained based on your requirements. You get exactly what you need. No more no less. 
[Great Features] 
Ranging from multi-touch attribution to real-time alerts to integration with Salesforce/MS Dynamics. 
[Quick Set-up] 
Setup iSite via Google Tag Manager (or any similar) or your Content Management System by inserting a block (5 lines) of JavaScript code. 
[Real Time Dashboards] 
Dashboards operate in real time and are designed to your requirements. The default dashboard is Power BI but any other such as Tableau or Qlik is also offered if demanded.