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Build simple or complex business rules using point-click editor, eliminates C# and JavaScript coding

Implement CRM projects faster, easier and with less risk

  • North52 BPA is a ‘low or no code’ tool with a point and click user interface
  • Creating business rules is up to 10 times faster than writing custom code
  • Functional consultants can implement and manage business rules that otherwise would require a developer
  • North52 BPA supercharges developers to quickly deliver complex requirements
  • Changes to business requirements easy to implement and deploy

North52 BPA Core functions

  • Formula Manager  - the rules 'engine' with over 350 functions
  • Decision Tables - makes complex decision based logic easy to read and implement
  • Process Genie - eliminates need for custom workflow activities
  • Scheduler - for executing recurring batch processing
  • WebFusion - connects CRM to any REST based APIs
  • SmartFlow - allows complex rules to be combined together in one formula
  • xCache - an intelligent in-memory cache for fast retrieval of reference data

North52 Business Process Activities has achieved the Certified for Microsoft Dynamics 365 accreditation, Microsoft Corporation’s highest standard for partner-developed software solutions.