Power Sports Sponsorship

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Manage your clubs sponsorship process

Power Sports Sponsorship is designed to be used by Managers of any sports teams such as football, rugby, netball, hockey, and more. The app is priced per club and allows for Sales (and Sponsorship) Manager users and Business Development Manager users.

Power Sports Sponsorship is an app that allows sports clubs to manage sponsorship sales. For example, it would allow a club to sell space on player jerseys or match sponsorships by company X providing artwork for the sponsorship they've paid for e.g., a logo. The app also contains all of the relevant administrative work. Power Sports Sponsorship is divided per season allowing a club to see their pipeline of past and upcoming seasons, past/present sponsors, track potential sponsorship opportunities, track emails against opportunities, convert opportunities into sponsors, schedule meetings, invoices and create sponsor agreements, and project sponsorship revenue.

The app operates as an add-on to an Office license and is fully integrated with Microsoft Teams. The entry point for all customers is to operate with Power Sports Sponsorship on a Power Platform license. Once the customer sees the benefits of Power Sports Sponsorship, they would progress to using Power Sports Player Management - an app to assist sport clubs with player management.


  • Consistent formatting across documents with the potential for customised branding
  • Collaborative working on sponsorship sales
  • Priced per club
  • Available for any kind of sport

ROI Benefits:
  • Sports Clubs that have deployed Power Sports Sponsor management have seen an increase of 27.1% in sales in sponsorship
  • By using Power Sports Sponsorship, commercial directors can now save 11 hours a week by using the dashboards and reports to know the status', allowing them to work on strategy rather than chasing the sales team