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Enterprise Remote Support for the customer experience service evolution

ScreenMeet makes remote support simple and easy to use for customers and agents. Founded by industry veterans in 2014, we provide companies of all sizes with screen sharing tools that make it easier for them to provide technical support to their customers and employees. Unlike previous solutions, ScreenMeet is tightly integrated into the Dynamics365 workflow. Because it's entirely web-based for the support agent and all data is written back to Dynamics365, ScreenMeet makes customer support fast, easy and a strategic asset. Customers use us today to troubleshoot issues that their customers have using their PC's, smartphones, mobile apps, SaaS applications, Web sites and Windows and Mac software. The ScreenMeet co-browsing and remote support solution is designed for the Call Center and makes it simple from a Case to see your customer's device (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Web-only) or application, take mouse and keyboard control and resolve the issue for the end-user. All of this occurs inside of Dynamics365. Our patented approach means that the Support Agent can remain in the browser while the end-user only needs to click a link or enter a 6 digit code into an App or Web Site. Fully featured and available on all computing platforms, ScreenMeet is the next-generation of remote support. Increase CSAT and NPS. Decrease frustration and solve your customer's issues faster. Available as an annual subscription. Contact us for enterprise pricing and with other questions at


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