vSlider Video Carousel

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vSlider is a easy to use Sharepoint 2013 video carousel app that allows you to showcase videos

vSlider is a Sharepoint 2013 video carousel app that allows you to easily showcase videos on your Sharepoint team or publishing site. vSlider supports all common videos types including mp4, wmv, ogg, webm and also allows you to add videos from YouTube and Vimeo.

Some of the other great features include:

1. Supports Sharepoint, Youtube and Vimeo - vSlider supports a wide array of video formats as it utilises both a Sliverlight and HTML5 video player. It also including the ability to embed YouTube and Vimeo videos, simply by providing a URL.

2. Automatic preview images - Whenever you add a video the vSlider, you are given the option to automatically retrieve a preview image from the video source, meaning that you do not need to waste time finding, resizing and saving preview images for all your videos. You are also given the option to use your own.

3. Easy administration - vSlider comes with a simple app administration site that allows you to add new videos and manage existing ones in a few simple clicks. The vSlider also comes with a build in help section, giving step by step instructions on how to use and manage all aspects of the app.

4. Comes in two different designs - Along with the main vSlider client app part, you also get a second smaller version called vCompact. This version includes a configurable auto rotation function!

5. Blends in with your site - When using Sharepoint out of the box branding, vSlider automatically integrates the main accent colours from the sites colour scheme, allowing it to blend in seamlessly with other elements on the page.

6. Simple licensing model - vSlider only requires a licence for the people who would like to add videos the app. Any visitors to your site will be able to view the videos on the app part without a licence.