PWA Made Easy(Image version)

Project Made Easy

Adds contextual image job aids to PWA

Project Made Easy’s PWA Made Easy(Image version) app allows you to provide job aids in image format to your team members within Project Server. This is especially helpful if your organization is new to Project Server, but does not want to spend thousands on customized training.

When installed, your users will be able to see the Help button shown on the various pages found within Project Web App. From here they can view the different job aids available. The Help button is contextual based on the page that you are currently viewing. For example, clicking the Help button found on the Timesheet page will only display job aids related to the Timesheet page’s features.

The Self-Help Buttons download for PWA contains the following job aids listed by which PWA page the job aids are found under.

Tasks Page - Task Ribbon Explained

Timesheet Page - Timesheet Ribbon Explained, Setting up Your Timesheet, Adding Tasks to Timesheets, Entering Time, Recalling Timesheet

Manage Timesheets Page - Recalling Timesheets

Manage Delegates Page - Defining a Delegate

Act as a Delegate Page - Acting as a Delegate

Approval Center Page- Approving Timesheets

Project Center Page - Project Center Ribbon Explained, Editing a Project in PWA, Creating Cross-Project Dependencies

Project Details Page - Project Details Ribbon Explained, Checking Projects in via PWA, Assigning Resources in PWA, Building a Project Team, Moving through a Workflow