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Add YouTube videos to your PowerPoint presentations or Excel spreadsheets.

The Web Video Player add-in for PowerPoint and Excel lets you insert and play YouTube and Vimeo videos in your presentation slides and spreadsheets for free. Most importantly, it works in PowerPoint for Mac and iPad (and it also works in Office 2016, 2013, and browser versions)

Just insert the add-in to your PowerPoint or Excel document, then point it to the video you want to use by pasting in the URL. You can find the videos by searching on,, or search engines like Google and Bing.

Basic video insertion is free. The premium video configuration settings (Autoplay, Custom Start Time, and Custom End Time) are available via a $5 one-time in-app purchase that applies to an unlimited number of files and videos. The Autoplay and Start Time settings work for YouTube and Vimeo, but the End Time setting is only supported by YouTube. The in-app purchase can be made through PayPal on all platforms except iPad. Once you make the purchase, the premium features are available on all platforms for your account. Premium features work after the video is inserted, even if another user who did not make a payment is opening the file.

Contact for support.


Version 3.3 Update (8/29/2017): Videos stop playing when you switch to a different slide, and they reset to the correct spot every time you return (if you set it to Autoplay)

Version 3.2 Update (7/23/2017): Added support for the Custom End Time premium feature

Version 3 Update (7/6/2017): Fixed major Mac bug. Added support for premium features (Autoplay and Custom Start Time)

Version 2 Update (7/28/2016): Added support for iPad

Version 1.2 Update (1/22/2015): Added support for Excel

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