ExchangeXL Secure Email


Secure email plugin for use with ExchangeXL secure messaging system

What is secure email?

Secure email, in general, is an extension of the traditional email standard(s) where standard messages are encrypted to prevent any unauthorized parties from gaining access to the contents of the message. Normally, secure email requires modifications to the servers of both the sender and recipient or an additional set of steps for both the sender and the recipient to allow the message to go through a third party.

Regardless of the method of implementation the goal of secure email is to extend messaging security beyond the borders of a private network and verify that the end user who receives the message is the intended recipient. Secure email provides assurances that communications are private and as a regulated corporation helps ensure compliance with any applicable secure messaging requirements.

What does the add-in do?

The ExchangeXL add-in allows users to access ExchangeXL secure email functionality from within the native Office 365 Outlook compose window. From the addin you can choose whehter or not to secure a message and add secure attachments. Also, the addin window allows you to view the current message security and server accessibility status from the add-in directly.

How we're different:

  • True message and attachement encryption - Unlike other vendors who are limited to creating password protected PDF files or include protected information as encrypted content in the email data itself, ExchangeXL performs true data encryption both at rest and in transit with none of the proprietary information ever being transmitted with your actual message.

  • No hardware requirement - One of the major line items on most secure email systems is the dedicated hardware appliances. All of the ExchangeXL products are 100% self sufficient and require no dedicated appliances of any kind.

  • Free support - All accounts, regardless of size, come with free email and phone support for the life of our relationship. If you have a problem, concern, question or suggestion just let us know!

  • No usage limits - There are no limits placed on the number of emails that can be sent, the number or size of attachments or the number of recipients you send to. Also, for any company requiring data retention, your data is retained as long as you are a customer.

  • Cloud based management - Through the secure web administration portal, users can revoke or set expirations on messages that have already been set, update or monitor billing information, add recipients, securely download sent files, manage settings for your other ExchangeXL installations and much more.

  • Reply with attachment - ExchangeXL is the ONLY product on the market that allows the recipient to reply with a secure attachment as well. Using this functionality, you can send a client your proposal, their medical history forms or any other sensitive information and they can modify and return it all over email.

  • PRICE! - With an entry price of $4.99 per month per license, ExchangeXL is among the most affordable solutions on the market. Additionally, all of our products (ExchangeXL for Microsoft Exchange, ExchangeXL for Microsoft Outlook and ExchangeXL for Office 365) have the same price, can work together and offer cumulative volume discounts.

To start using the ExchangeXL add-in or any of our other products, please navigate to to setup an account and either start your trial or purchase licenses. The required registration/purchase process is fast, secure and easy to use but if you do run in to any issues please reference our support page at or let us know at

Kemampuan add-in
Ketika add-in ini digunakan, add-in ini
  • Mengirimkan data melalui Internet
  • Add-in ini dapat mengakses dan mengubah informasi pribadi di pesan aktif, seperti isi pesan, subjek, pengirim, penerima, dan informasi lampiran. Add-in dapat mengirimkan data ini ke layanan pihak ketiga. Item lainnya di kotak pesan tidak dapat dibaca atau diubah.
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