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An easy and efficient way to create and upload re-usable content directly within Office.

We believe that to be successful in utilizing content libraries when creating documents in Office, the content repositories need to always be up-to-date and complete. That is why we created this Uploader Add-In so that content creators can do exactly that.

With the Uploader Add-In, you can upload any part of your documents as re-usable contents into your existing content libraries in SharePoint, Teams and OneDrive. To access the uploader Add-In you just need one click on the Upload icon on the Design tab of your Office ribbon.

It’s never been easier to upload content to the could. Simply select your content in your document, then click on «Add» in the Uploader Add-In, decide on what storage location, format and name of your content and click «Upload». That's all.

Once you are finished uploading, the content will be immediately available to all the users that have access to the storage location you uploaded your content to. Use the «Content Chooser» Add-In to simply insert contents into your documents, presentations, worksheets or emails.

  • REQUIREMENTS: This Add-In requires an Office 365 Work or School Account or a Microsoft Personal Account for sign in.
  • COMPATIBILITY: This Add-In requires any of these browser versions IE 11+, Chrome 53+, Firefox 39+, Safari 8 or later.
  • FEATURES: Learn more about the features of this Add-In here: https://www.officeatwork365.com/products/uploader-overview.html
  • DOCUMENTATION: The documentation for this Add-In can be found here: https://docs.officeatwork365.com/manuals/uploader/introduction.html
  • PRICING & SUBSCRIPTIONS: Learn more about our pricing and subscription options here: https://www.officeatwork365.com/pricing/professional.html
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