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LMS365 for Teams


LMS365 for Teams delivers LMS365 Training Courses inside your Teams

LMS365 for Teams allows learners to find, take and track their LMS365 Training directly inside Teams, Learners can chat with our Intelligent BOT to look for Training Courses and Training Plans available in the catalog. Using 'Composed Extensions' users can include Training Course and Plans inside the Teams Channels as well as in Chat allowing learners to quickly go to the course site and start their training. Using Tabs allows you to add Training Courses and the LMS365 Learner's Dashboard into your Team Channels.

The app delivers:

  • An Intelligent BOT to find Training
  • A Personal Space to see all your assigned training in the familiar LMS365 Dashboard
  • Sharing of Courses and Training Plans through Composed Extensions in Channels and Chat
  • Adding Course and Training Plans to the Team Channel using Tabs

Note: The LMS365 for Teams app is a free add-on for LMS365 that requires you to have LMS365 (Trial) installed on your Office 365 Tenant, using the ‘Free Trial’ as offered on our website will not work.

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