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Collaborative mind mapping, concept mapping, outlining, and Gantt charts

Mind maps, Concept maps, Outlines, and Gantt charts

Real-time editing & offline editing, cross-platform, sync across devices, full history of changes, full-text search, hundreds of easy-to-use templates

Mindomo has many uses in education, business, personal development, and anywhere a clear overview of a task, idea, or plan is required.

Mindomo is designed with an extensive range of features that are not only powerful but also easy to use. Whether you're a first-time user or an experienced mind mapper, Mindomo is the perfect tool for you.


  • Mind map creation inside your shared stream
  • Import of concept maps, outlines, task mind maps, and Gantt charts from a Mindomo account
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Embedded video and audio files
  • Presentation Mode
  • Great variety of import formats (.mom, .pmom, .mmap, .mm, .mind, .xmind, .xml, .txt, .opml, .xlsx, .xls)
  • Great variety of export formats (.pdf, .docx, .png, .pptx, .txt, .opml, .mpx, .xml, .html, .zip, .mom, .pmom, .mm, .mmap,.xls)
  • Map customization by adding icons, colors, styles, and map themes
  • Full map history, undo and redo functions
  • Password-protected mind maps
  • Comments and voting enabled on topics
  • Multilevel numbering
  • Desktop version that enables users to work offline
  • Integrations with Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and Microsoft 365, and more.


Not available for student and teacher accounts.

This application requires a Mindomo account. Compare available plans.

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