Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Teams

Microsoft Corporation

Collaborate on Dynamics 365, share files, and easily get info via chat.

Today’s business process often requires business group to collaborate across departments when working on a business object. The collaboration landscape is changing daily. The average worker is collaborating with more people, more often, and in more dynamic ways. They are increasingly mobile and increasingly working on a schedule that allows them to be most productive. The typical worker has seen several important collaboration changes that affect them and their business, including:

  • Workers are taking part in twice as many collaborative teams as they did five years ago.
  • The average information worker has seen the time spent on their day-to-day tasks increase by 50 percent.
  • Companies that invest in collaboration and teamwork are five times more likely to be high performing.

The Dynamics 365 app for Microsoft Teams enables business worker to collaborate more effectively using Microsoft Teams.

Business value

The Dynamics 365 app for Microsoft Teams enables a business group to easily work with Dynamics 365 customer information and share files directly from Microsoft Teams. This helps them to be more productive and get the business done more effectively.

  • Collaboration hub: Access records together with the Office applications you need to close deals.
  • Cross-functional collaboration: Work together with customers and any colleague across functions, including customers that do not have a Dynamics 365 user account.
  • File integration: Co-author documents using Office 365 and automatically sync to Dynamics 365.
  • Teams mobile app: Search from Microsoft Teams mobile app using the Dynamics 365 bot while on the go.


  • Access Dynamics 365 records by adding a Dynamics 365 tab into the Teams channel. Collaborate at scale not only on a single Dynamics 365 record (like a sales opportunity), but also on multiple records with a Dynamics 365 view.
  • Seamless document collaboration between Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Teams.
  • Collaborate on the set of records (like “active opportunity") through conversation and easily access the records while on the go using the Dynamics 365 bot for Microsoft Teams mobile app.
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