BML Solutions

Include beautiful UML diagrams into your documents with just a few lines of code

Insert and edit UML diagrams into your Word documents with the DotUML add-In.

The available diagrams are :

- Use Case

- Sequence

- Class

- State

- Deployment

- Graphviz

Diagrams are generated from a simple and easy-to-learn pseudo-code. This allows quick creation of diagrams and easy modifications. For example, adding a message in a sequence diagram is done with a simple line of code:

sys1 -> sys2 "message label";

Diagram generation from the pseudo code is fully managed locally, without any call for web resources. Thus, all your data remains local on your computer.

Compared to other solutions where diagrams are stored or generated on external servers, DotUML is the ideal solution for private documents.

For more information and detailed documentation of the language, please visit

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