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Asset Management Plus – Manage assets & services effectively.

Asset management Plus, online IT management is fixed asset management software which helps in finding location, usage, cost, life cycle, renewals of services in couple of clicks and automates your asset’s life cycles. This fixed asset management system has barcode, and you can track the cost, location, status, inventory, expiry or renewal of physical and IT assets, throughout their lifecycle. Once an asset is assigned or deployed, this it asset management application records all activities and provides you regular updates, reports up to life cycle once asset is retired.

• Fixed Asset Management System

• Track location, owner, status and more.

• Assign/ Return feature

• Asset’s life time history.

• Alerts on contract renewals, and more.

• Link to warranties, manuals, etc.

• Vendor & purchase details,

• Reports and Dashboard.

• In-Active & Expired Assets.

• Barcode asset management system.

• Search asset using barcode scanner

• Add asset using barcode scanner

IT Asset Management with Software & Contract Management

Now you can use asset management to manage software licenses, service contract and cloud application subscriptions. This asset management plus assigns contracts / software to users, teams & location. Leverage workflow engine to automate the contract renewal process with the option of renewal of contracts, cloud applications & software. You can take benefits of almost all the features of it asset management software OR cloud asset management application. Use this application as it asset management software to cover almost all type of intellectual properties, software and licenses

Asset Management System with Audits

You can use this fixed asset management software for full asset management which is cumbersome process to manage and report licenses in excel sheets. With audit feature of asset management software, you can check the lifecycle of the asset to know on which day / month this asset was assigned to compare usage of assets.

By using this Asset Management you can audit the assets be it hardware assets, software licenses or contracts at any given time using asset audit feature. This software asset management audit program helps in finding idle assets and plan action accordingly. Contact us for the demo to know more about this fixed asset management feature.

Barcoding, Images & Documents

Now you can generate barcode and QR directly through this fixed asset management software. Scan bar codes using mobile, scanners to check details of assets. Furthermore you can attach all the relevant documents of the asset such as manuals, user guide, support contact, etc. For the asset users and with one level security up for commercial & purchase type documents. With this function makes office asset management software as almost free asset management software.


Now keep record of your assets using various reports available with in this computer asset management system with :

Export in excel.

Change the order of columns.

Remove columns.

Add custom columns.

Various reports of assigned, inventory, expiry date and purchase.

Enhanced search and filters.

Access Management & Security

Tightly integrated with Office 365 now called as Microsoft 365, Azure AD & Active Directory for easy and quick user management. No more new username and password in this online asset management. Now everything is done within Office 365 cloud, no new or additional third-party clouds which helps in controlling the data in your cloud. Asset Management Plus provides much better and higher security control on any other free asset management software or asset management system. Post-trial of fourteen days, Asset Management Plus is lifetime free for use up to 3 users.

Link for the knowledgebase

Asset Management (

Prerequisites: add-in permissions should be set to allow the add-in to read the host data.

Recommended browsers :Edge based on Chromium, Google Chrome, Safari & Firefox.

This add-in does not support Internet Explorer.

Language(s) : English

The trial can be turned into a full version by purchasing a license, from our website click here to purchase

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