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Interact with visitors on your website with real-time, presence based web chat.

Research shows that visitors on your website are more likely to make a transaction when there is interaction with you as a provider of a product or service.

Higher customer satisfaction and more sales

uWebChat is designed to integrate with your company website, offering your customer service or sales team a live web chat to interact with visitors on your website. Your team can directly interact with visitors and provide the answers to questions that visitor might have when searching for information on your website. Your team members can instantly provide the information that is needed to eventually finalize the transaction. uWebChat can help you achieve a higher customer satisfaction and attributes to a higher sales conversation rate.

Easy to install chat button

uWebChat provides an out-of-the-box web chat button that can easily be embedded on your website and customized to match your company branding.

Microsoft Teams Client

With uWebChat your team members get notified on their Microsoft Teams client when a visitor on your website or web shop starts a chat. This can either be a request for a personal chat with a specific team member, or a chat with a specific group or department.

Language settings & real-time translation

uWebChat opens up the entire world for you. You can communicate with people in any language, uWebChat will automatically translate in 68 languages.

Personal Chat

Personal chat enables visitors to start a chat with a specific team member (agent). By monitoring the Teams status of agents, uWebChat can determine whether an agent is available for receiving the conversation request.

Group Chat

uWebChat offers group chat functionality, where a chat requests can be handled by a group of agents. uWebChat searches for an available agent using Teams presence information and searches for the most suitable agent, based on agent priorities that can be assigned to agents. This powerful group feature ensures the chat request to be answered quickly and handled by the best suitable agent that is available.

Manage opening hours and groups

You can manage group settings and adjust opening hours directly in your MS Teams client. Opening hours is a uWebChat PRO feature. The PRO license is available for purchase in Azure Marketplace.

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