iBabs BV

iBabs for Teams simplify the organisation of your board meetings.

Paperless meetings with iBabs

iBabs is designed to make your life easier – so you can start preparing meetings more quickly and efficiently. With no more paper. Not even Post-its! Our simple app easily integrates with every DMS and Microsoft Teams. And getting started is fast and simple. You only pay a small monthly fee for the people actually using iBabs, which makes it so much easier to scale up (or down) as needed.

Discover the benefits of paperless meetings

You know how much work an effective meeting costs. Just think how much easier it becomes with iBabs. You no longer need paper. Everything that participants need can be found on their screen. And you are in control.

During the meeting

Find past meetings and notes quickly

Just ask iBabs – and you can quickly find key points from past meetings – whether from last week or last year. You’ll quickly find exactly what you need, without wasting time digging through paper files.

Updated document? Everyone automatically has the latest version

Board members and other meeting participants can easily make notes, change and update documents. And when changes are made, everyone automatically has the latest version. So you don’t have to follow up with emails and chase down team members to give them new documents.

After the meeting

Sensitive documents are safe and secure

iBabs safely secures all your files with 256-AES encryption, the same level of security used by banks and departments of defence. So documents stay confidential, and only the people granted access can gain access.

Review all files on one screen, on any device

Seamless integration with your DMS (document management system) means you no longer have to search for or upload files. Everything is kept together, and always available for your meetings.

Coming Soon

iBabs for Teams will grow in functionality. In terms of existing native iBabs functions, but also in functions that reach beyond the possibilities the Microsoft Teams platform brings. To give insight when to expect what:

Q2 2020, initial release of iBabs for Teams extended with:

- Live voting

- Agenda item notes

Q3 2020

- The creation and editing of meetings

- Registration of actions and decisions

- Registration of meeting-minutes

Q4 2020 and beyond

- Keep iBabs for Teams functionality in line with the rest of iBabs

- Extend further integration with Microsoft Teams specifically

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