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Next Set, Inc.

It is a safety confirmation system that operates on the cloud.

By registering user information of employee members, part-time workers and family members in advance, and registering safety confirmation via email or WEB in case of emergency disaster, it is possible to grasp the safety confirmation of the entire company easily and speedily. It is a service.

  • Safety confirmation function (Available for both Office 365 users and non-Office 365 users: part-time workers / family members) [/ # LI] [#LI] Member registration (If you are an Office 365 user, you can pre-register your information from the SharePoint site) [/ # LI] [#LI] Bulk registration of members by administrator (can be bulk registered by CSV) [/ # LI] [#LI] Members other than Office 365 users can also use [/ # LI] [#LI] Adjustment function of member registration items (items can be increased or decreased for each company) [/ # LI] [#LI] Safety confirmation registration form function (You can customize the safety confirmation form. You can add items freely) [/ # LI] [#LI] Safety confirmation registration form [#LI] template prepared (input template prepared in advance) [/ # LI] [#LI] Safety status registration function (users can enter the safety status from a PC / smartphone / gala cell phone) [/ # LI] [#LI] Group function (Group by store / branch, base, etc. and select the group to check safety) [/ # LI] [#LI] Photo management function (Photos can be registered in advance and can be used in case of disaster) [/ # LI] [#LI] E-mail delivery (You can select a group and send a safety confirmation e-mail) [/ # LI] [#LI] Rehearsal practice function (email delivery for rehearsal practice + safety registration possible for disaster rehearsal practice) [/ # LI] [#LI] Influenza countermeasures (emails for influenza countermeasures + current status can be checked even when there is a disaster) [/ # LI] [#LI] List of safety status (User safety list by group is possible) [/ # LI] [#LI] GPS information acquisition function at the time of safety registration (You can check your location on Google Map) [/ # LI] [#LI] History management of safety status (when performing safety confirmation multiple times, history can be managed for each user) [/ # LI] [#LI] CSV output of safety status is possible [/ # LI] [#LI] Function to contact family / colleague / boss when registering for safety [/ # LI] [#LI] Application virtualization function (can be provided as an independent system for each country, affiliated company, department, etc.) [/ # LI] [#LI] Multilingual support (Japanese, English [#LI] [# LI] [# LI] [# LI]) [/ # LI] [#LI] Compatible with mobile phones, smartphones, and tablets [/ # LI] You need to have an active subscription to use this app, please contact bellow URL for more details.
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