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The ultimate workplace experience tool:

Visual Directory® from OfficeSpace Software puts interactive floor plans of all locations of your workplace on every device, making it easy for your people to access whatever and whoever they need, fast. Once you've experienced it, you'll wonder how you ever managed without it. Visual Directory allows users to browse a directory of employees to see who is seated directly on an interactive floorplan, find resources (such as printers, copiers, medical and safety equipment, emergency exits, etc.), book a room, book a desk, submit a request ticket, and more.

The OfficeSpace Microsoft Teams app for Visual Directory lets users easily find co-workers, rooms, and resources, share locations with colleagues and even submit request tickets, all without leaving Microsoft Teams.

  • Use the find command to search for people, resources, and places within Visual Directory.
  • See search results right in your Microsoft Teams channel; the app displays a floor plan showing exactly where people and resources are located in your company, and a tap or click opens that location in Visual Directory.
  • Compatible with Microsoft Teams on desktop or mobile devices.

Coming Soon:

  • OfficeSpace Room Booking integration: Quickly find and book the right room for your needs (including seating capacity and available equipment such as a projector or speaker phone), directly from within Microsoft Teams.
  • OfficeSpace Desk Booking integration: Quickly locate and book available desks in advance or same day.
  • Quickly check in to booked desks and rooms.
  • OfficeSpace Request Manager integration: Employees can quickly submit request tickets (such as reporting a maintenance issue or requesting a move to a new desk) to their coworkers and administration and track the progress without leaving Microsoft Teams.

Please note that this app is a Microsoft Teams integration for Visual Directory®. You need to have an active OfficeSpace account in order to use the app.

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