Guillermo Carlos Valles Chavez

No more copy and pasting financial data, the ultimate add-in for value investors.

With Wisesheets, you can forget about wasting hours collecting and organizing financial data for every stock you analyze.

Years of financial statements and key metrics in seconds:

  • Simply select the company symbol, and get entire financial statements and key metrics going back to 2001 in different sheets.

Get your custom models and DCF's done faster than ever:

  • Use our custom WISE function and Excel's autofill to quickly fill your models and DCF's with all the data you need.

Make your investing easier and more effective than ever.

All data comes directly from the SEC and is standardized according to the XBRL US GAAP Taxonomy Preparers Guide.

*Disclaimer: Using this add-in requires a valid paid Wisesheets subscription and account which you can get at When you create your account, you also agree to our terms of service. This add-in cannot be used without a valid Wisesheets subscription.

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