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The teaching and learning system to boost student engagement and collaboration

Student expectations of online learning require institutions to have sufficient means of engagement, real-world assessment opportunities, and peer-to-peer learning. But it's difficult to implement these pedagogical strategies at scale!

The FeedbackFruits all in one Teaching and Learning System makes it easy to implement effective pedagogies at scale. To achieve this, we offer flexible solutions that seamlessly integrate into Microsoft Teams and all LMS.

Our all in one Teaching and Learning System supports learning activities related to pedagogical themes such as:

Pedagogy Solutions:

  • Feedback and Assessment
    Design assessments that foster skills of the future. Our Feedback and Assessment solution is designed to make authentic assessment implementation and management throughout all courses a breeze.
  • Collaboration and Engagement
    Keep students engaged and motivated throughout their learning journey. Our Collaboration and Engagement solution offers many possibilities for institutions and educators to create inclusive and engaging learning experiences.

Strategic Outcome Solutions: Competency-Based Assessment

Demonstrate students’ competency development over time with insightful authentic assessment activities in every course. Your solution for competency-based education (CBE) at any scale.

And includes other integrated features such as Analytics, Templates and Journeys (for bulk activity creation), to provide actionable insights, reduce teacher workload and improve student outcomes.

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