Large Capacity File Transfer - NextSet

Next Set, Inc.

It is a service that can safely send large files that run in the cloud.

You can securely send large files that cannot be sent by email to customers. File data is saved in the cloud. Upload files up to 5GB and send the download URL by email. It is possible to make detailed settings such as sending the password by another email, setting the download deadline, and notifying the sender when opening/downloading. A log will be recorded with an IP address when uploading/sending/opening/downloading.

  • File management function that works in the same environment as Office 365. Upload the file to the cloud and notify the external user by email of the download URL.
  • The password required for download will be sent by e-mail after a while.
  • Recipient will be notified at the timing of [#LI] download by the recipient.
  • Monitor recipients for downloads and send reminder emails if they are not downloaded.
  • You can specify the downloadable period.
  • Various settings of file transmission can be specified by the administrator side so that general users cannot change it.
  • Application virtualization support (file transfer function is operated separately for each affiliated company, file transfer function is set for each project)
  • Multilingual

You must have a valid subscription to use this app. For more information, please contact us at the following site.

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