Vantagepoint Connect for Outlook

Deltek, Inc

Bring the power of Deltek Vantagepoint CRM to Outlook.

You already use Outlook to manage your contacts and business development activities, and with Vantagepoint Connect, you can easily share that information with your team to help turn more pursuits into projects.


· Search for Vantagepoint contacts, firms, pursuits, and projects from email

· Create new contacts, firms, and activities from email

· Sync your Outlook contacts and calendar to Vantagepoint

· Find the perfect meeting time with the scheduling assistant

A Deltek Vantagepoint CRM user license is required to use Vantagepoint Connect. If you have a CRM user license, your Vantagepoint administrator must set you up as a user to leverage this Outlook Add-In.

Kemampuan add-in
Ketika add-in ini digunakan, add-in ini
  • Mengirimkan data melalui Internet
  • Add-in ini dapat mengakses dan mengubah informasi pribadi di pesan aktif, seperti isi pesan, subjek, pengirim, penerima, dan informasi lampiran. Add-in dapat mengirimkan data ini ke layanan pihak ketiga. Item lainnya di kotak pesan tidak dapat dibaca atau diubah.
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