Kurtosys Studio for Office


Create data driven financial reports with Kurtosys Studio for Office.

Kurtosys Studio for Office allows financial institutions to automate complex reports directly in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. Users of the Kurtosys platform are able to leverage their existing Kurtosys Studio reporting components, embed them into templates, then automatically refresh integrated datasets as new data becomes available. Not only can customers automate their own documents using a program they’re more familiar with, they can also upload the finished documents back to their Document Hub, or even upload directly to their Website where these published documents can then be viewed or downloaded by other end users. Kurtosys Studio for Office is perfect for creating pitchbooks, flash reports, factsheets, and client reports.


1. An existing Kurtosys account is required to use this add-in. To learn more about Kurtosys and its offerings visit

2. This Add-In only supports desktop applications for Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint.

3. This Add-In requires access to a web browser in order to login to your Kurtosys account. Internet Explorer is not a supported browser. Chrome or Firefox are recommended.

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