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Keep your communication records up to date. ChilliDB for Outlook allows you to quickly save email.

Save time by taking advantage of ChilliDB for Outlook. Quickly save emails and file attachments to your ChilliDB system without leaving Outlook. Emails are saved as notes which are then filed against the matching contacts of the recipient and sender.

ChilliDB for Outlook lets you:

- Save emails as notes which can be followed up through ChilliDB

- Save file attachments and embedded images

- Create new contacts and organisations efficiently

- Keep track of communications

- Match the sender’s and receiver’s names to the your contacts in ChilliDB

- Categorise your email

An existing subscription to ChilliDB is required. Use your supplied credentials to config ChilliDB for Outlook.

To sign up for ChilliDB or view current prices please visit

Contact us at for support issues or for licensing and pricing information.

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