ETTER DMS for Word


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An office add-in for word to help user create template, backup and share document.

ETTER DMS for Word is an add-in application for Microsoft Office Word. This add-in can help user to manage custom document templates based on user need.

You can get benefit to track the document changes on the timeline history with some comments to help remind the last modification.

You can use ETTER DMS for Word to share document with some controls (Can Edit, Comment Only or View Only) with other users.

Prepare your Template with ETTER DMS and publish it as Form, you can attach the data from the form to document vice versa. Not only attach using Form you will get benefit from Swagger 2.0 REST API documentation to integrate workflow between your own application to Word.

This Add-In require your ETTER DMS for Word account. You can sign up using this Add-In for Free. ETTER DMS for Word will save your account information for use on this Add-in application and other ETTER DMS Standalone Application. We are not share and use your account to any other entities.

Kemampuan aplikasi

Ketika digunakan, aplikasi ini
  • Membaca dan membuat perubahan pada dokumen
  • Dapat mengirim data melalui Internet