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Enhance Microsoft Teams meetings with gamification to upskill, onboard, and engage hybrid teams

The Kunjani app helps make boring meetings lively and productive. The gamified environment creates a buzz, utilising the fact that everyone likes to play and are soon drawn into the fun, collaborative spirit of the serious-game.

There are points, time limits and interesting activities to fuel the fun!

Few meetings are specifically designed to engage participants using their preferred way of giving and receiving information. The wireframe in the Kunjani app, grounded in neuroscience, enables you to transform your own content or meeting agenda into a powerful, serious-game, specifically designed to meet your objectives, while optimising the varied skills and learning preferences of your team.

At the start of a meeting, as participants enter the room they are allocated to a team. Then the serious-play begins. The facilitator invites a participant to roll the dice. Triggered by the roll, an activity or question is revealed. The rolling team has an allocated time to prepare their response before sharing it.  The floor is then opened for discussion. The facilitator awards points to deserving teams and restarts the cycle with the next team rolling the dice. The game dynamic encourages full participation.

Decks can be as long or as short as required. Use them to generate ideas, explore concepts, or as a meeting recap to stimulate action. Depending on the purpose, the dice can be preloaded for questions and activities to come in a sequence, or in a random order.

Before a meeting, you can create your own Kunjani deck on a topic of your choice using activity prompts to guide you. Alternatively, you can access the public library to search for a pre-developed deck to customise according to your needs. In a Team channel, you can preview and edit each other's contributions in real time. Use the chat to discuss. Get creative!

Kunjani makes learning sticky, fast and fun!

In order to use this app you need to have an active Kunjani account. A free account is automatically created when you sign in with Microsoft.


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