Ubi Timer SaaS Offer

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Add a customisable timer to your PowerPoint presentation slides.

Add a timer to your presentations using Ubi Timer. The timer can be used both in edit and presentation mode.

Ubi Timer has these functionalities: -

  • A choice to use it in either presentation or edit mode
  • Customising the settings to adapt to your presentation. Ubi Timer has lots of custom setting making it easier to maintain the presentation design and look and feel.
  • Setting/adjusting the size of the timer in varied sizes or full screen. Ubi Timer is adjustable to various screen sizes accordingly. An adjust the screen message will pop if a size larger than ‘x-large’ is selected, this is to ensure that the timer is visible.
  • A choice to count-down or count-up. When the count-up slider is set to on, the timer counts-up
  • Launch the timer in edit mode. Ordinarily, the timer is set up in edit mode and then run-in presentation mode, however, the user can choose to run the timer in edit mode. Choose the custom settings and then select ‘launch automatically’ slider. This will launch the timer in edit mode, then, click inside Ubi Time to start the count-up or count-down in edit mode.
  • The choice to double click on timer window in edit mode to launch the timer without having to slide the ‘launch automatically’ slider. This is helpful when you just want to re-launch the timer with pre-set settings. However, if you are using PowerPoint 2013 client on windows 7, to start the timer in presentation mode, you will have to click twice to start the timer count-up/down – NOTE two consecutive clicks and not a double click.


  • The choice to use an alert sound at designated times.


  • Pause and restart timer during the presentation. To start the timer, the user has to click on Ubi Timer, another click while the timer is running will pause the timer. To restart the timer, the user has to click inside Ubi Timer. This will restart the timer, and the timer will resume counting from where it stopped.
  • Set the timer to span across several slides when ‘span slides’ slider is set to on and the ‘start slide’ is set to ‘Yes’. The span timer will start at the designated slide and will run continuously (without having to reset the timer for the subsequent slides) until it reaches a slide in which the span slider is not set to on. As in other slides, the user has to click on Ubi Timer to start count-up or count-down.
  • Choose between analogue and digital clocks.
  • Ubi Timer SaaS requires a subscription. Go to Azure Marketplace and subscribe to Ubi Timer SaaS offer and choose your subscription plan. You will then be redirected to ubi Timer landing page where you will finish the configuration and the provisioning of the offer.
  • Login and logout options.

Ubi Timer is easily customisable and very easy to use.

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