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Keeping Office templates on brand and compliant made simple.

Creating Office templates that automatically stay on brand and compliant according to your organization’s guidelines.

Out-of-date templates can lead to bad business outcomes. Keeping your Office templates on brand and compliance can be a tedious and a time-consuming task nobody likes to be in charge of.

The officeatwork Smart Template solution will in effect fully automate the task of keeping your templates up to date regarding your branding and compliance guidelines. It does this by allowing you to only save the changes you made to standard corporate templates. Every time you create a new document from one of your Smart Templates it will pull the latest version of your most up-to-date corporate branded template and merge it with your template inputs. This way you will automatically inherit any changes made to the branded corporate templates and never need to fear that your templates will ever be outdated regarding branding or compliance regulations.

Key Benefits

  • Better business outcomes thanks to up-to-date and compliant templates.
  • Time savings in updating not having to manually keep your templates up to date.
  • Make work simpler and more impactful for all your users.

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officeatwork is a multiple Microsoft award-winning business software provider. Thousands of organizations and millions of people around the world create additional value using officeatwork solutions. Join the world of simplifying work and empowering people.

Requirements: This Add-in requires the officeatwork Template Chooser for Office and the officeatwork Wizard for Office to work. It also requires a Microsoft 365 Work or School account.

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