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Manage all your learning needs with Adobe Learning Manager on Microsoft Teams

Adobe Learning Manager is an award-winning Learning Management System (LMS) from Adobe which allows organisations to train their employees, partners and customers effectively. With this teams app, registered users of the LMS can login and take courses on their teams app. This app also allows you to take up training on teams app and resume it later on your Adobe learning Manager desktop & mobile app. Also with activity announcements you don’t miss out on important reminders or communications from your Learning Administrators.

This teams app is only for users of those organisations which use Adobe Learning Manager as their Learning Management System. If your organisation is not currently using Adobe Learning Manager then you will not be able to use this app but you can experience the app by registering here for a free trial here. The app is for learning roles only and does not support other adobe learning manager roles.

Learn more about Adobe learning Manager here.

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