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Increase productivity by bringing your tools together in one convenient dashboard.

Ichicraft Boards Lite is a personal workplace in the shape of handy dashboards. It offers a canvas that you can fill with configurable widgets, displaying up-to-date and personalized information to boost your productivity.

Ready-Made Templates for Your Digital Workplace

To get started quickly, Ichicraft Boards Lite provides you with ready-made dashboards for your digital workplace. You can choose from a variety of templates and customize them to fully fit your needs. Once you have selected a board template that most suits your workflow, you can use the Widget Library to add (and customize) widgets to your board.

Enhancing Your Board with Widgets

Widgets are mini-applications that can be added to your board. They perform specific functions or provide personalized information. You can tailor widgets to fit your needs by resizing, moving, and configuring them. As Ichicraft continues to invest in the product, more and better widgets will become available over time. Currently, you can pick from:

  • Upcoming meetings: Your upcoming meetings from Outlook
  • Inbox: Your e-mail inbox
  • Shared Inbox: Access a shared inbox
  • Microsoft Teams: View and navigate to the Microsoft Teams you've joined
  • Files: Access your files from OneDrive, SharePoint or Microsoft Teams
  • To Do Tasks: Manage your tasks from To Do
  • Planner Tasks: Complete your tasks from Planner
  • My favorites: Quickly get to your favorite webpage
  • Power BI: Add your favorite PowerBI tiles to your homepage
  • Tableau Reports: View Tableau reports
  • App Launcher: Launch your favorite applications right from your board
  • External feed: View external rss feeds
  • Embed: Embed anything as a widget

Boost Efficiency with Additional Boards

If you need more space to work with, you can easily add another board and customize it to your heart's content using the widget library's diverse selection of widgets.

Stay Productive on-the-go with Ichicraft Boards Lite

With Ichicraft Boards Lite, you can take your digital workspace with you wherever you go! It's fully optimized for mobile devices, making it easy to access and use on-the-go. Whether you're on the road or away from your desk, Ichicraft Boards Lite is your trusty companion.

Ichicraft Boards Lite Subscription

This Lite version comes with a 30-day free trial. To continue using Ichicraft Boards Lite, simply visit our website.

Ichicraft Boards Enterprise

If you're looking for more advanced features like integrating other systems, having control over the templates offered, or tailoring the digital workplace for multiple audiences, you can check out Ichicraft Boards Enterprise.

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