Intellect: Create Better You

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Access to self care, mental health, therapy, and habit formation.

Looking to boost motivation, overcome stress and burnout, or increase productivity? You've come to the right place.

Intellect is a leading modern-day mental healthcare solution for everyone. Build healthy habits and boost your mood with our self-care cognitive behavioural therapy app. Clinically validated by psychologists and behavioural experts, our bite-sized content and daily exercises are an effective way to create a better you.

Intellect serves users in more than 50 countries worldwide, helping our community of 3 million users and counting through everyday stresses.


NEW: Intellect Coaching

Learn to manage both professional and personal challenges with our diverse network of highly qualified professionals, consisting of certified coaches, counsellors, and psychologists.

NEW: Personal Insights

Discover more about yourself and track your progress on different wellbeing dimensions, ranging from stress management to optimism, with the Personal Insights quiz. Receive a personalised report highlighting your strengths and areas of growth, along with recommended content to help you grow.

Mood Tracker

Did you know that emotions are like icebergs? There is a lot under the surface. By keeping track of your moods, you'll begin to notice patterns and gain a better understanding of yourself.


Turn appreciation into a daily habit to become a better you. Let your colleagues know that you value them and their contributions, right from your Microsoft Teams chat or channel, in just a click.

Self-improvement has never been easier. Simply experience Intellect and create a better you.

Note: You will need to subscribe to Intellect for access. Reach out to to know more or if you need any help.

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