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Cloud archiving software solution for email, social media archiving.

Jatheon Cloud is a cloud data archiving software that solves organizations’ long-term data archiving, compliance, and ediscovery challenges while offering top-notch security, flexibility and bottomless storage. Running on AWS infrastructure, Jatheon Cloud stores enterprise data in accordance with industry’s top security and privacy standards and ensures high levels of data availability (99.99%).

Jatheon Cloud supports a wide variety of communication channels and it’s easy to deploy and use. It lets organizations of all sizes simplify the retention of records, meet compliance standards easily, respond to ediscovery and open data requests quickly, and improve overall business productivity and information governance.

With advanced search built for extremely large volumes of data, a complete compliance and ediscovery feature set and an innovative approach to retention policies and legal case management, Jatheon Cloud streamlines the search, management and export of business-critical electronic records while providing the highest security on the market.

Kemampuan aplikasi

Ketika digunakan, aplikasi ini
  • Dapat mengirim data melalui Internet
  • Aplikasi ini dapat mengakses dan mengubah informasi pribadi di pesan aktif, seperti isi, subjek, pengirim, penerima, dan informasi lampiran. Aplikasi ini juga dapat mengirimkan data ini ke layanan pihak ketiga. Item lainnya di kotak surat Anda tidak akan dibaca atau diubah.