UKG Flow

oleh UKG, Inc.

Leverage Microsoft Teams to empower your UKG Pro WFM users in their Flow of Work

UKG Flow seamlessly integrates Microsoft Teams to provide quick access to essential Timekeeping & Scheduling functionalities of UKG Pro WFM. Elevate the user experience with an interactive and intuitive interface, allowing employees to efficiently manage their work within the familiar Microsoft Teams environment.

By eliminating the need to switch between applications, UKG Flow optimizes time and effort, ensuring a smooth and productive workflow for users who rely on Microsoft Teams as their primary collaboration tool.

App Features:
The following Timekeeping & Scheduling functionalities are now available to you on UKG Flow:

  • Login to UKG Pro WFM through UKG Flow
  • Punches
    • Submit daily punches (Simple & Attested punches supported)
    • View punch history
  • Time Off Requests
    • View current accruals
    • Submit a time off request
    • View status of time off requests
  • Scheduling
    • View daily & weekly schedules
    • Swap shifts with recommended shifts

    To proceed with the installation for your organization, you should be a UKG Pro WFM or Pro Suite Administrator with an authorized UKG account and access to tenant information.

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